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Get the most out of affiliate marketing with AMPC’s proven methodology and unique view on the partnerships industry. Apply for the free program quick scan to check the condition of your program.


AMPC (Affiliate Marketing & Partnership Consultants) is a long-awaited, global network of experienced consultants who transform a -for some- overwhelming performance channel into a clear, powerful business accelerator. Helping brands to realise sustainable growth and incremental business. Join the AMPC network today.

Market-winning strategy

Rely on AMPC's self-developed, marketing-winning strategy and take an increasingly impactful, yet noisy industry back to its core.

Pragmatic way-of-work

No 9-to-5 mentality or endless presentations. Honest, transparant communication and a pragmatic partner to optimise on the go.

Data-first approach

Really, data-first. Data is the foundation of our work, channel strategies and AMPC clients can access personalised affiliate dashboards 24/7.

Global network

Consultants from the AMPC Group have decades of international experience and a strong network of partners in every region across the globe.

Full service

Whether it's daily operations, strategic advise or support in hiring the right specialist for the team- at AMPC we're here to help.


Not your traditional agency. AMPC is a carefully selected group of consultants to ensure a quality service at all times and scale where needed.

It's time for a new chapter of consultancy within the world of partnerships. An industry, that became increasingly popular ever since the global pandemic. But suffers, from false-promising technologies or a lack of service from networks or digital agencies. With AMPC, we're offering brands a scalable alternative by building a high-quality network of Affiliate Marketing & Partnership Consultants across the globe.

Floris Westerik
Founder AMPC Group